MICI is more than a magazine; it's a  message!

While the world is telling you who you're NOT,

God is whispering WHO YOU ARE!


- Janelle Knox -

MICI Founder

A magazine designed to remind you WHO you ARE

The message of MICI is simple, you ARE MICI ... Made. In. Christ’s. Image.

Once you understand that you were UNIQUELY created on purpose, with purpose –

you can’t help but live that way.

make time for you ...

As women, we are many things ...

daughter, sister, friend, leader, wife, mother.


And whilst our titles may change with the seasons

one thing is steadily sure ... we're usually

the last ones to put ourselves first.


MICI popping into your mail box each quarter is a gentle

reminder that you're allowed to put the pens down, washing down

and responsibilities away - if only for an afternoon - to

rest, refresh and refocus yourself; heart and soul.


You'll thank yourself later, we guarantee it!


live as you were created; uniquely, purposed,

His matchless masterpiece

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